There's No Such Thing as "Just Snoring"

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If you've missed out on a good night's sleep because of your snoring or your partner's, you know how serious it is. From daytime sleepiness to depression, from high blood pressure to diabetes, and from difficulty losing weight to decreased sexual performance, lack of sleep hurts.

Our specially trained Ear, Nose and Throat doctors can provide a complete evaluation, consultation and treatment all in the same visitótypically in under an hour!

Snoring Center treatment options include, The Pillar Procedure by Medtronic, Coblation Turbinate Reduction, Laser Tonsil Ablation (Tonsillectomy), Soft Palate Coblation, and Oral Appliances.

When a sleep study is indicated, we offer home-based sleep studies. These are an affordable, convenient alternative to traditional lab-based sleep studies.

The Snoring Center has offices in cities across the country, including Atlanta, Austin, Beverly Hills, Burnsville, Dallas, Edina, Houston, Lafayette, New York, Norwalk, and San Francisco.

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